Why We’re Here and How We Got There: Our Manifesto

Welcome! It means so much to me that you’re here.

You see, I didn’t always dream of being an event planner. Instead, as it is with so many of us, I stumbled into things until I finally ended up here. But while my dreams growing up didn’t include event registration or holding someone’s dress while they pee on their wedding day, I speak with all confidence when I say that now, here with you, is exactly where I’m supposed to be.

My work has always been an integral part of my identity, so much more than simply a paycheck. I think that’s why I was drawn so readily into non-profit work and fundraising. I spent eight years working in non-profit fundraising and event planning before my own wedding pushed me down a path I hadn’t considered before.

I’m known for putting difficult things politely, so I’ll leave much to your imagination when I tell you that planning my own wedding was “an experience.” While my professional background did give me an edge, being immersed in wedding planning as the bride-to-be was an entirely new thing.

Someone told me that I might regret not wearing a white dress on my wedding day. Another well-meaning friend (again with the difficult things politely) insisted that we couldn’t not have a wedding party, as if our dearest friends wouldn’t be there unless they were color coded to communicate their distinction.

But the real eye opener for me was our vendors. We were lucky to find good people to surround ourselves with and clung to them for dear life. Each of them, from our caterer to our photographer, helped shepherd us through the entire experience with such heartfelt care that they came to feel like family. It was the greatest gift.

And so, once I hung up my (non-white) wedding dress, I began thinking of a new cause to work toward. Of being that support and guidance for people as they move through important milestones in their lives. People who need someone, not only to organize their timeline and keep everything running on schedule, but to hold their hand through the entire process with care (and Kleenex, as needed).

Joy by Design is a culmination of that vision, one that I am humbled and honored by. That’s why it means so much to be here today, with you. So thank you. It means the world to me that you’d consider allowing me to be part of whatever event in life you’re preparing for. I think we’d make a really good team.

And with that, cue champagne pop. (Did you know we can do that? We totally can).