How to Share Your Story through Food

Food is one of my favorite love languages. To me, there’s nothing more meaningful than caring for family and friends by nourishing them body and soul with a good meal.

That’s why I love incorporating clients’ food stories into their events. While I’ll never turn down a good plate of saucy chicken breast, there are so many options when it comes to sharing your story through food. Sound like too much work? Here are five easy ways to do it!

  1. Start with your Favorites
    Let’s start with the basics. What are your go-to favorites, both at home and when you eat out? Had your first date over tacos, or always make pasta together at home? Get you a taco bar or a pasta station! Guests will love learning this about you and, chances are, they’ll love sharing your favorite eats too.

  2. Dig into your Family Food Story
    There’s a lot of meat to dig into here (food pun!). So much of our family stories are tied to meals shared together, recipes passed down, and where our families have come from. For our wedding, my husband and I chose to highlight all of this by having an East Asian selection to reference my father’s heritage, an East Coast selection as a nod to his mother’s childhood, and a Midwestern selection to represent where we both grew up and have now made our home.

  3. Use Food to Create Your Mood
    Whether you’re hosting a Bar Mitzvah or a backyard anniversary party, food plays a big role in creating the mood and tone of your event. Want your celebration to feel like you invited your 50 closest friends over for dinner? Consider serving your meal family style, with big bowls and plates of food that can be shared, just like you would at home. Know you and your guests will be out on the dance floor all night long? Serve heavy appetizers, so you can grab and go as you need to refuel throughout the evening.

  4. Think about Your Drinks
    Beverages have also become an increasingly significant way to share your story. Whether or not a “signature cocktail” is your style, there are so many options to work with here. Get engaged at a winery? Serve some of your favorite selections from their vineyard. Just really love root beer? Showcase a selection of your favorite local brews, with ice cream on hand for an impromptu root beer float station.

  5. Have Your Cake and Eat it Too
    Last, but certainly not least, dessert is always a great opportunity to play with your food (story). One of my recent favorites was a couple who donned aprons midway through their reception to serve their guests pie. For someone who wants to avoid a formal receiving line, this is a such natural and lovely way to express love and thanks to your guests. Want to share more of your story through dessert? Find someone to recreate your Nonna’s famous cookies, or give your guests the ultimate comfort food experience by serving warm chocolate chip cookies.

Now go play with your food!